Bedroom Decorating for Less: Inexpensive Redecorating Ideas for your Bedroom

Get inexpensive bedroom decorating tips and tricks that will help you create a whole new look. Redecorate your bedroom on a budget.

Even though most of the time we spend in our bedrooms is spent with our eyes closed, we still want to have a pleasing atmosphere and we get tired of the same old thing and yearn for a change of scenery. Redecorating an entire bedroom can be expensive, but by using the following tips you can decorate your bedroom with a fresh new look for less.

Mix and Match

Instead of buying an entire matching set of furniture look for things that complement each other but don’t exactly match. It’s visually more interesting and appealing. In the same vein, go for colors that are both cold and warm. Cool pastels are calm and inviting and mixing them with warm browns makes the room cozier. And if you’re willing to go a little bit further, combine styles to create your own inspired space.

Focus on the Bed

Draw attention to the bed by making it very dramatic and an eye catcher. Get a large four poster bed frame and suddenly the entire room takes on a different look and feel. Look for bedding that’s attention-grabbing and pops. Add throw pillows to create a cozy oasis. Just by paying more attention to this one focal point of the room you can give the entire room a new look.

Add Personal Touches

Make sure that your bedroom is yours by adding personal touches that say something about you, your partner, and your families. Family heirlooms should get a special place and special attention. One small item can be framed or displayed in a way that signifies its importance. Photos should be placed carefully and if they’re current they should stay current and be updated at least annually.

Unexpected Color

Paint is cheap, paint an unexpected color on one wall or paint the ceiling or on the back wall of bookcases. Go beyond paint and add a fabric covered headboard or new window treatments that are alive with color and pattern. Create pops of color that are attractive and eye catching and you’ll give the room a new spark of life.

Rearrange the Furniture

Try a furniture arrangement that is unexpected, put the bed at an angle, move other furniture so it’s not all lined up against the walls. Shop your other rooms and see if there are pieces of furniture you can swap around to create a new look without spending any money.

Add Luxury

Spend a bit of money and get a few things that are true luxuries, think linens or an opulent headboard or a piece of furniture like a quality chair. Things that will make you feel that the whole room is full of comfort and lavish luxuriance.

To create a new look in your bedroom while keeping to your budget, try to picture the room empty and then picture the one thing you’d really like and work around it. Redecorating your bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean replacing everything, it could just mean one notable new piece and that will inspire subtle changes throughout.

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