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Best Office Chair For Back Pain Top 10 2020

Which Is The Best Office Chair For Back Pain?


Best Office Chair For Back PainAll gamers, office workers, and executives have one thing in common, they spend hours and hours sitting behind a desk. For this reason, most office workers are constantly trying to find the best office chair for back pain. Most of them develop back pain at some point, simply because the human body isn’t ‘’designed’’ for sitting. In fact, the highest pressure that is placed on discs in the lower spine occurs when you are in the seated position and leaning forward – a position that many of us assume when sitting behind a desk.

It is scientifically proven that the spine must withstand 5 times more pressure while sitting than while walking. With many of us spending on average 9.5 hours sitting each day, we are putting ourselves in real danger of developing chronic back pain.

Luckily, there is a solution.

Modern ergonomic office chairs can provide great posture while eliminating back pain. Here, you will be able to find the best desk chairs for back pain. Of course, we will review the features which must be considered when choosing one.

Best Chair For Bad Back

Best Ergonomic Office Chair UK

All of the ergonomic office chairs above are available in the USA and are the best selling ergonomic office chairs available at Amazon USA. If you click on any of the chairs above from another country such as the UK, you will be taken to Amazon UK and shown the same chair, or an equivalent.

The best-seller list is updated multiple times per day so you can be sure that the chairs in the list are always the current best ergonomic office chairs that are available in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

So What Makes A Good Office Chair For Bad Backs?


Adjustable height of a chair

The first and the main factor to consider is the height adjustment. This is one of the key ways in which you can ensure that the chair of your choice is fully customisable to your own specifications. It needs to be fully adjustable to the correct height for you in a matter of seconds and it must suit your specific needs, so the chair’s mechanism is very important – particularly if your chair is to be used by more than one person or at different desks. Keep in mind that your feet should always be flat on the floor while sitting, so each individual’s height is always a consideration. 

The Best Office Chair For Back Pain Must Have Superb lumbar support

Office chairs for bad backs must have adjustable lumbar support. It makes sitting far more comfortable and better than when using conventional chairs – no one wants to be uncomfortable during a long day at work. Ordinary chairs (even with a lumbar cushion) simply don’t fit the spinal curves of most people, so they eventually cause back pain!

A chair with a good lumbar support that can be easily adjusted allows you to keep your spine in a natural position, which eventually eliminates back pain. Once again, make sure to take into account your weight when looking for adjustable lumbar support.

The Best Office Chair For Back Pain Must Be Made Of Great Padding And Materials

Do you prefer an office chair made from leather, mesh fabric, with large cushions or some other material? Basically, this factor determines how comfortable your chair will be. It depends purely on the specific comfort needs of the individual, so this is one factor that cannot be generalized. Mesh materials breathe better, allowing you to still feel comfortable during the warm months, while leather models with additional cushions are more comfortable and stylish, depending on your individual tastes. Top tip: Make sure the seat isn’t too soft, or it will affect your posture.

The Best Office Chair For Back Pain Must Have Correct Seat depth

The best office chair for back pain must provide a seat that will gently force your lower back into the correct angle on to the back of the chair. Your posture must be just right to safeguard your spine against potential injuries, aches, and pains. Having the correct seat depth ensures that your back is at the optimum angle (around 15 degrees from a vertical position) and also helps to protect you from the unpleasant sensation of having poor circulation at the knees – therefore helping you to feel more comfortable. The correct seat depth also prevents your back from having to work as hard to keep you in an upright, seated position.

Ergonomic chairs are the best choice simply because their seats are designed to maximize support as well as comfort and ensure correct seating. Poorly designed seats will make you sit improperly, (by causing your back to be too close to the desk or too far away) which is the first cause of back pain. Comfort is a factor to consider, but it must be carefully balanced with support. Seats that are too soft aren’t supportive enough. Seats that are too hard are likely to cause aches and pains.

 Top 10 models


Herman Miller Embody Chair


Herman Miller Embody ChairThe Herman Miller Embody Chair is the absolute leader when it comes to eliminating back pain. It is truly the best office chair for back pain that was ever designed.

Firstly, there are various support and adjustment mechanisms that will make the chair fully customisable and therefore suitable for everyone. Then we have the innovative design, promoting the blood flow and circulation in general – stopping that unpleasant ‘pins and needles’ sensation that can be caused by a lack of blood flow to the lower legs. The fabric encourages the circulation of air, so sweating isn’t an option. The warranty is an exceptional 12 years.



  • Extreme comfort
  • Promotes circulation
  • 12 years warranty
  • Fully adjustable


  • Assembly process is complicated

Steelcase Gesture Chair


Steelcase Gesture ChairHere is another fantastic chair specifically designed for people who spend the entire day behind their desks. It is also adjustable to allow you the perfect interaction between body and chair.

This model is so expertly designed that it won Neocon Gold in 2013! The 3D Live Back is the chairs standout feature. This will adapt to your back in order to provide the ultimate support and comfort. This tech mimics the natural position of the spine, therefore allowing the spine to be at its optimum angle for being seated. Air pockets have been fitted into the seat, which combats perspiration and offers comfort and support for each individual user.


  • 3D Live Back
  • Fully adjustable
  • Adjustable bolstering


  • The price
  • Looks like a simple chair

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair


Ergohuman High Back Swivel ChairThis is a contender to be the best office chair for back pain as it is one of the rare models with a headrest – offering comfort and support from head to toe. The pneumatic cylinder will ensure quick lifting and lowering, while additional cushions in the lumbar support, seat, and backseat will provide the comfort you need for a long day in the office.

Synchro-tilt is used for adjusting the seat depth in a matter of seconds, making this the best chair for your back period. This model is also available with or without expert assembly process.



  • Great design
  • Synchro-tilt mechanism
  • Additional cushions
  • Lumbar support


  • Arm covers are made from foam

Merax High back Ergonomic Pu Leather Racing Chair


Merax High back Ergonomic Pu Leather Racing ChairThis model is the best chair for gamers and office workers who are experiencing the discomfort of a bad back. We liked the flip-up armrests which can be adjusted at any time. There is also a high back, which is perfect for all of you who want to protect your head and neck from pain – this is something that is particularly good for taller users as it will prevent slouching and poor-posture related to height.

An additional cushion is placed on the headrest, so resting while working or playing is possible. The backrest is 135 degrees adjustable, which is a nice touch. And we shouldn’t underemphasize the fact that the level of comfort is superb.




  • Looks great
  • Very tall
  • Back cushion
  • The backrest is 135 degrees


  • Armrests are flimsy
  • Isn’t great for short people

Office Factor Executive Managers High Back Black Mesh Chair


Office Factor Executive Managers High Back Black Mesh ChairThis is the most affordable contender in the battle to be the best office chair for back pain. It is practical and still comfortable making this one of the best models on the market. We liked the fact it can support 250 pounds without losing any of its performance or stability.

The tilt tension and tilt adjusting are a masterpiece in engineering, and the padded armrests are comfortable and practical. Locking the back in any position is also included as a feature, therefore making the lumbar support fully customisable for your needs. This chair comes with a 5-year warranty so is a great long-term investment for your office.



  • Great low price
  • Tilt can be fully adjusted
  • Up to 250 pounds of load capacity
  • Adjustable lumbar support


  • The width of armrests
  • Available in black color only

Knoll Generation Chair


Knoll Generation ChairThe Generation Chair is perfect for any home or office wanting to combine comfort and support with bold styling. There are multiple colour options to fit in with any colour scheme, so the chair can complement any environment.

New seating technologies such as flexible back material in the shape of a figure-8, high-performance arms and springy shoulder support are combined with older, tried-and-tested traditional materials such as foam to create the ultimate comfort experience, with support in practically any position. The large, foam cushion is particularly good for people who are constantly on the move and struggle to sit still in traditional seating!


  • Available in a range of bright or neutral colours
  • Superior comfort level
  • A firm, large foam cushion


  • The foam cushion isn’t breathable
  • Shipping and delivery can be slow

Humanscale Freedom Chair


Humanscale Freedom ChairIf you are looking for an ergonomic chair that has a particularly sleek design, this is the chair for you. The look of the chair is fully customisable, with countless options available for fabric, frame and even the base! It is such a beautiful chair that it has won multiple design awards, including the prestigious ID Design Review 2000 competition.

As well as looking good, it has weight-sensitive recline, high-performance gel seat and modular cushions that can be easily replaced, if necessary. It is made of 132 parts (compared to the average 250 parts of other ergonomic chairs) and can be easily assembled. Its light weight of 35lbs means that it can easily be maneuvered around the office to your desired location.

One of the most noticeable features is that it has a minimal number of manually-adjusted controls, however the control it does have are intuitive (although some reviews suggest that the armrests may be too intuitive!) and easy to access and it has the bonus feature of being able to adjust the back height independent of the seat – great for taller users!


  • Fully customisable colour options for fabric, base and frame
  • Award-winning design
  • Weight-sensitive recline
  • Unique back height adjustment feature


  • Very few manually-adjustable controls
  • Armrest mechanism too sensitive

Serta Works Executive Office Chair


Serta Works Executive Office ChairThis chair would certainly be at home in a stylish office environment. The Serta Works Executive Office Chair sports multi-layered body pillows made from smooth, glossy, eco-friendly leather. Its pneumatic lift with cable actuated levers allow you to adjust the height of your chair in a stylish and convenient manner at the touch of a button – adjusting the height of the armrests is just as easy.

The contoured lumbar support is active, meaning that it pivots with your movements. It also features a waterfall-style seat edge to lessen the pressure on the back of the legs to improve circulation to the lower legs. The width of the seat height of the back of the chair lends itself more towards those who are more petite in size but will certainly provide ample support and comfort to those who find that the measurements of the chair are right for them.


  • Stylish, eco-friendly leather design
  • One button height adjustment
  • Pivoting lumber support


  • Only comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • Not suitable for taller users

Office Chair High-back Recliner Office Chair Computer Chair Ergonomic Design Racing Chair


Office Chair High-back Recliner Office Chair Computer Chair Ergonomic Design Racing ChairIf you are looking for something a little different for your office (and you enjoy gaming!) this could be the chair for you. This racing-style chair is not from one of the big known brands, but it has excellent reviews from people who wanted a multipurpose chair for their home office.

It features a bucket-style seat with a contoured backrest that provides support along the entire spinal column. It has an adjustable seating height to ensure that you are in the correct position at your desk, but it can also be reclined to an incredible flat position at 180 degrees, which really is a unique selling point of this chair.

It comes with a footrest and has a stable tubular steel frame, but the faux-leather fabric may feel a little cheap if you are used to the real thing. One of the shortfalls of this product is the fact that the armrests are not adjustable, which may be a deal-breaker for some.


  • Has a footrest
  • Removable headrest
  • Multipurpose – office chair and gaming chair
  • Can be reclined to a flat position


  • Cheap faux-leather fabric
  • Armrests are not adjustable

SAYL Chair by Herman Miller


SAYL Chair by Herman MillerIf being eco-friendly is something that is important to you, this chair is made from fewer materials than most chairs and is almost totally recyclable.

The SAYL chair is aesthetically something a bit different – it would certainly make a statement in a modern office environment. Due to the aim of using less material, the armrests are not adjustable. However, his innovative design has cleverly used very few materials to create a 3D back support with a weight capacity of 350lbs. This consists of elastomer strands of different thicknesses and tensions to provide greater support in all the right places and allows for the spine to maintain its natural S shape while moving freely.

The gaps between the strands make this seat totally breathable, meaning that perspiration will not be a problem.


  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Statement piece
  • 350lb capacity


  • Fixed armrests
  • Adjustable lumbar support at an extra cost

The Best Ergonomic Office Chair For Back Pain

We have found and tested a range of the best office chairs available on the market right now. All 10 models should be taken into consideration, but probably one or two will be perfect for your specific needs. With any of these chairs, your productivity will be enhanced, while your back pain will be eliminated forever.

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