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Best Recliner Chairs 2019

Recliner Chairs Top 10 2018


best recliner chairsWe have reviewed ten of the leading recliner chairs on the market, suitable for a wide range of budgets and needs. There really is something to suit everyone’s taste and budget!

Oscar Leather Recliner with Drink Holders Armchair Sofa Chair Reclining Cinema


Oscar Leather Recliner with Drink Holders Armchair Sofa Chair Reclining CinemaThis recliner is designed with watching your favourite movie in mind. This real bonded leather recliner is slimline in order for you to recreate the cinema experience in your own living room, without taking up huge amounts of space. This is great if you have a small living space, but the slimline design may not be suitable for anyone who needs a wider chair for comfort.

Having said that, it's heavily padded for comfort and it also offers lumbar support to ensure that you don’t develop any aches and pains during your boxset binge session. The recline mechanism is very sturdy and is easy to use; it works by pushing the arms forward and leaning your body weight back into the chair and to return to the upright position, push the footrest down with your legs.

The cup holders are useful and can easily fit a beer bottle or regular tumbler, but tea lovers won’t be able to fit a mug in the cup holder. In terms of assembly, there are only two parts to put together before screwing the feet into place, so an easy job even for someone who is not adept at DIY. Another bonus is the 12 months peace of mind warranty, and the customer service has great reviews. This is number 1 on our list of recliner chairs.


  • Slimline design fits most living spaces
  • Lumbar support
  • Sturdy and intuitive recline


  • The cup holder may be too small
  • The slimline design may not be suitable for everyone

Tetbury Electric Riser Recliner Lift and Tilt Rise Mobility Chair


Tetbury Electric Riser Recliner Lift and Tilt Rise Mobility ChairThis motorised recliner is aimed at people with limited mobility and comes with an easy to use two button handset to control the lift and tilt mechanism. The fabric is super soft and the backrest is very well padded in order to provide extra support to the user.

The chair reclines effortlessly at the push of a button and getting up again is no problem with the lift function. The mechanism is quiet, so won’t disturb anyone else in the room when the mechanism is moving. The handset fits into an easily accessible pocket in the side of the chair so that it doesn’t get lost and the user doesn’t get stuck in one position. This is number 2 on our list of recliner chairs.

If assembly isn’t your thing, the company offers an assembly service at the point of delivery for an extra fee. The Tetbury comes in two neutral colours (beige or brown) to fit most home décors. However, the style may be a little old-fashioned for some tastes, but this shouldn’t detract from the great function of a chair that could be really useful to those with reduced mobility.


  • Effortless, quiet motorised recline
  • Easy to use handset
  • Assembly service available


  • Only two colour options available
  • Style of the design may not be suitable for modern décor tastes

Caesar 10 in 1 Winged Leather Recliner Chair Rocking Massage Swivel Heated Gaming Armchair


Caesar 10 in 1 Winged Leather Recliner Chair Rocking Massage Swivel Heated Gaming ArmchairThis highly versatile chair has so many functions that its hard to know where to begin! It reclines, it rocks, it swivels 360 degrees, it’s heated, you can store remotes and magazine in the pockets and it’ll give you an eight-point massage! You can even put your drink in the drinks holder while you watch a movie and not worry about making a mess as the super soft bonded leather is wipe-clean.

There is plenty of foam padding to ensure comfort along with lumbar support and the winged backrest supports your head and neck to negate aches and pains. The manual recliner goes really far back, which is great for relaxing, but it does mean that the chair needs to be in a position well away from a wall or anything else behind it, so may not be ideal if space in your living room is limited. The cable could do with being a little longer, bearing in mind the chair needs to be positioned away from a wall, but this is easily overcome by the use of an extension lead.

The eight-point massage is excellent but is a little noisy, so you may not want to use it while watching the TV or listening to music. The heated pad heats up quickly and adds to the comfort factor at the end of a long day. The chair itself has a really high-quality appearance and looks far more expensive than it actually is, so will look great in any lounge. It is available in black or brown bonded leather, which would go with virtually any colour scheme. Overall, a really fantastic multi-purpose chair for the money! This is number 3 on our list of recliner chairs.


  • Multiple functions including massage and heated seat
  • Super soft bonded leather with lots of comfortable padding
  • High-quality appearance


  • Cable is a little too short
  • Massage function is a little noisy

The Shangri-La – Chenille Fabric Swivel Recliner Chair


The Shangri-La – Chenille Fabric Swivel Recliner ChairThis super soft fabric chair is not only seriously comfortable, it’s a great price too. The base is a stylish cherry wood and the fabric is a super soft chenille available in two neutral colours, beige or brown. Although soft, the fabric feels hard-wearing to boost the longevity of the chair.

The recline function is adjusted by tension, but it does take a little more push effort than expected to get the chair to recline, but this does mean that the chair will only recline when you want it to. The footstool is an added bonus for comfort, and it looks great with the matching cherry wood base to compliment the main chair itself.

Height-wise, we found that this chair is ideal for taller users as the backrest is higher than average and will still support the upper back and neck of people 6 feet and above. Another benefit of the chair is that it was really simple to assemble, with it taking just 45 minutes for one person. Overall, this is a great investment for anyone who wants a simple recliner chair with swivel action. This is number 4 on our list of recliner chairs.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Matching footstall
  • Ideal for taller users


  • Only comes in two colours
  • Tension recline takes more effort than expected

SoBuy New Comfortable Relax Rocking Chair with Footrest Design, Lounge Chair Recliner with Side Storage Bag


SoBuy New Comfortable Relax Rocking Chair with Footrest Design, Lounge Chair Recliner with Side Storage BagThis chair is a low budget option for anyone wanting a recliner chair in their lives. The frame is made from birch veneer and then there is a removable, washable cover with several colour options available. The chair arrived flat-packed and took around 30 minutes to assemble. The different parts were really well-labeled, but the cover was tricky to get on, therefore may be a bit of a pain to remove for washing in future.

The chair is actually very comfortable, considering that there is less padding than some of the other chairs that we reviewed, although the seat cushion is not anchored to anything, so may move around if you move in the chair too much. The rocking action is smooth and along with the footrest, we thought it would make an excellent nursing chair for late night baby feeds, especially with the added side storage bag to store everything that you might need to hand.

The chair reclines via the multi-position footrest, which is simple to do and offers a choice of five positions. One minor criticism is that the back of the chair is quite low, so maybe more comfortable for users under 6 feet tall. The seat itself sits quite low to the ground, so greater for smaller people, but may be tricky for those with more limited mobility to get in and out of. For the price, this is a great solution to your recliner needs – particularly as a nursing chair. This is number 5 on our list of recliner chairs.


  • Great value recliner and rocking chair
  • Choice of five recline positions
  • Handy storage bag


  • Fiddly assembly
  • The seat is low to the ground

HomCom Luxury Leather Recliner Sofa Chair Armchair Cinema Massage Chair Rocking Swivel Heated Nursing Gaming Chair Black 


HomCom Luxury Leather Recliner Sofa Chair Armchair Cinema Massage Chair Rocking Swivel Heated Nursing Gaming Chair Black This luxury thick bonded leather chair has so many functions it is hard to know where to begin. The real leather section is larger than on most bonded products and there is clearly good quality leather on the backrest and seat that will ensure the longevity of your investment.

The high back is super comfortable and makes the chair particularly good for taller users, or for users who need support in the upper lumbar region. The height of the chair and the ability to swivel 360 degrees also allows the less mobile to sit and stand more easily, although there is no specific tilt feature for those with mobility issues.

The recline function is manually operated by a lever on a side, and smoothly allows the back to recline and the footrest to rise. On top of this, via a small control unit, there is an eight-point massage function for added comfort whilst you recline, although a minor criticism is that it is more of a vibration function as opposed to a deeper level of massage.

The rocking feature makes the chair a great addition to any nursery, combined with the heat function to keep you warm on long nights with hungry babies. We also liked the cup holder and handy pocket on the side!


  • High quality bonded leather
  • Multifunction including rocker, massage, and heat.
  • High back for the taller user.


  • Massage is more of a vibration.
  • Only available in black.

Windsor Electric Rise Recliner Leather Armchair Sofa Home Lounge Chair 

Windsor Electric Rise Recliner Leather Armchair Sofa Home Lounge Chair This recliner chair comes in three colours in a bonded leather upholstery and is designed for those with mobility issues who want a great-looking chair. This chair is really simple to operate and through the use of a two-button handset, the chair will rise, recline and even raise you to a standing position with little effort for the user.

One criticism of this, however, is that the motor that powers the chair is a little noisy and maybe slower than other similar chairs; this is a minor criticism of an otherwise great function.

We found that the headrest was positioned a little low, which is fine for a more petite user, but may not be comfortable for taller users. Assembly couldn’t have been easier, with two pieces to simply slot into place.


  • Motorised recline and rise are great for the less physically able.
  • Modern looking in a choice of three colours.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The motor is a little noisy.
  • Recline and rise a little slow.
  • Not suitable for taller users.

Leisure Zone ® Leather Recliner Chair Tilt Sofa Push Back Armchair Sofa for Home Lounge Gaming Cinema High-Back Chair 

Leisure Zone ® Leather Recliner Chair Tilt Sofa Push Back Armchair Sofa for Home Lounge Gaming Cinema High-Back Chair This low-budget recliner is PU leather, sponge-filled for thick, padded comfort. The leather look makes the chair appears more expensive than it actually is. It also features lumbar support, so this is a great option for you if you suffer from back pain whilst watching TV or gaming.

The recliner works by pushing back into the chair whilst pushing the arms forward. If you can’t get the hang of this maneuver, the more traditional level option is also on the side of the armchair. It has a capacity of 330lbs, so suitable for all of the family. The chair was very easy to assemble; however, it is a very light chair and moved around a little on the wooden floor.


  • Looks like an expensive chair.
  • Simple manual recline.
  • Capacity up to 330lbs.


  • The chair may move around on non-carpeted surfaces.

New Bonita Single Motor Electric Rise & Recline Riser Recliner Lift Armchair

New Bonita Single Motor Electric Rise & Recline Riser Recliner Lift ArmchairThis chair is super soft and very well padded on the backrest and arms for comfort. It is more traditional in its styling, coming in a neutral beige fabric finish. The single-motor mechanism is powered by an easy to use two-button control panel, which reclines and rises to an almost standing position.

This lift feature is perfect for anyone who needs assistance when sitting and standing up from a seated position. The chair itself is very heavy, which could potentially cause damage to flooring, and also makes it quite tricky to assemble. There is an assembly option available with delivery for a small extra charge, which we would recommend.

One minor flaw is that due to the shape of the chair, one may need an additional footrest when reclining, which could potentially interfere with the functionality of the rise to standing for those who rely on that assistance.


  • Recline and lift to standing via the touch of a button.
  • Well-padded for comfort.


  • Very heavy and difficult to assemble.
  • Traditional styling may not be to everyone’s taste.

Turin Swivel Recliner Chair Reclining Armchair 

Turin Swivel Recliner Chair Reclining Armchair If you want a simple manual recliner and 360 swivel chair, then this is a great lower-budget option for you. It also comes with a footrest, which is a bonus for the price.

It isn’t real leather, but the leather-effect fabric feels durable and is easily cleaned with multiple colour options available for any interior décor. There is a decent amount of padding for comfort, to the extent that you won’t need any additional cushions.

One major gripe is how difficult this chair and footstall are to assemble; however, once assembled it is a great height for the taller user to relax in the post-assembly process!


  • Durable upholstery with multiple colour options.
  • Well padded.
  • Comes with foot stall.
  • Suitable for taller users.


  • Difficult to assemble.
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