• best way to invest 100k

    What is the best way to invest 100k?

    When deciding on the best way to invest 100k there are ultimately always two main factors to consider.ReturnsSecurityWhether you invest in stocks, bonds, loan notes, property, gold, or any other form of investment, you will always want to find the safest investment with the highest profit.Traditionally, bonds and loan notes have always provided the highest returns, with some companies paying 8% - 12% per year interest.Property has traditionally been regarded as the safest investment, but a property investment can take a long time to make any significant profit.So what option is the best way to invest 100k?Well normally a good financial advisor would recommend that you diversify your portfolio by…

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  • What Are UK Loan Notes?

    What Are UK Loan Notes?

    What Is A Loan Note?A loan note is a legal contract in the UK. It specifies the duration of a loan and any agreed interest. A loan note is usually issued by companies in order to raise capital.Loan notes can come in different forms such asSecured loan notesUnsecured loan notesTransferable loan notesLoan notes that can be traded on a stock marketA loan note always has an issuer and a subscriber. The issuer is the company that has issued the loan note, and the subscriber is the person who has given money to the company in exchange for the loan note, usually in order to receive interest when the money is…

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  • student property investment

    Student Property Investment

    The student property investment market in the UK has become an integral part of many investors portfolios in recent years due to a shift in students behavior and preferences when it comes to choosing accommodation.Many investors have caught on to the rapid growth in new build student accommodation and the profit that an investment can bring in this rapidly growing investment sector. Investments in new build student accommodation can offer high yields and security for today’s investor.Students have been rapidly moving away from the “house of multiple occupancy” accommodation model and have been considerably favoring the city center “private halls of residence” accommodation setup for the last decade, and there…

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