Creating the Perfect Guest Room: Decorating Ideas for Rooms To Make Guests Feel Welcome

When guests come to stay for a day, a week or even more, it is important that they are made to feel welcomed and looked after. The best way to do this is to decorate your guest room to be as comfortable as possible and take into account all the little things that your guests would enjoy and appreciate. A perfect guest room will be the best way to let your guests know that you care about them. Creating a comfortable and welcoming room is not a difficult task. All it needs is a little time and attention to detail. Use these simple and easy decor ideas to bring warmth, care, and comfort in to your guest room.

Comfortable Guest Room Furniture

The most important thing will be to ensure that your guest room has comfortable furniture, especially, the bed. Guests, like everyone else, would appreciate a good night’s sleep and when the bed is uncomfortable, that will not be possible. So, fit out the room with a comfortable bed and mattress.

If budget and space allow, put in a small table and chair or a couple of bedside tables, as well as a dresser. Try and provide a separate closet or at least, a few drawers in the dresser or cabinet, for guests to store their clothes and luggage.

Adequate Lighting for the Guest Room

A dark and dingy guest room is a big no-no. Make sure the lighting is adequate, especially, if your guest room is in the basement. Keep some lamps handy and if there are windows, keep them open to let the sunlight in. In case, your guest room gets a lot of natural light, put in some blinds or heavier curtains to block it out just in case your guests want to take an afternoon nap.

Linen, Cushions, and Curtains for Guest Rooms

Make use of accessories to add color and character to the room. Co-ordinated linen, comfortable cushions, and pretty curtains will lend life to the room and make it look both warm and welcoming. Make sure that the blanket, quilt or comforter match the linen and are clean and ready to use.

Organize the Guest Bathroom

Make sure that the bathroom your guests would be using is clean and well-organized. Stock it with fresh towels, soap, shampoo, all arranged neatly in a basket or tray. Add a welcoming touch with flowers or potpourri. These would not only look beautiful but would also, add a slight fragrance to the air. Do read How to Redecorate a Bathroom Inexpensively for redecorating tips and ideas.

For An Extra Comfortable Stay

You could make the room even more comfortable by adding small and thoughtful details. These would make your guests feel the warmth of your hospitality and add an extra welcoming touch.

  • An alarm clock would be appreciated, especially, if your guests are planning to leave early or follow an itinerary.
  • Put a fresh notepad, pen, and some envelopes either on the writing table or bedside table for guests to jot down anything.
  • If you can manage, put in a small TV or a music player.
  • Make sure that the room has a tissue-paper box, some potpourri or room freshener, a few books or magazines.

The simple thing to remember while setting up a guest room is to make it as comfortable as you would want a room to be. That thought alone will enable you to bring real comfort and warmth to the guest room and decorate it to give your guests a great stay.

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