Decorating a Living Room: How to Pick the Color Scheme by Going through the Closet

The living room is the heart of the home. It sets the standard for the rest of the house and gives a person the opportunity to show off their personality.

When brainstorming on what style to use in the living room, put down the interior design magazines and turn off the decorating TV shows. When beginning the barnstorming process, it must start with individual taste.

A good piece of advice is to look through the closet. What colors frequently appear? Closets are placed in five categories.

Closet #1: Down to Earth

If the closet is primarily earth tones with a few splashes of color, this style needs to be reflected in the living room. Natural paint and carpet with a subdued, yet darker sofa is a good choice. Go into deeper natural tones for curtains and other furniture such as chairs. Use patterns or brighter colors within the earth family for accent pillows and lampshades. Dark wood entertainment centers look great in this living room.

Color suggestions:

  • Main: (walls, carpet, sofa) camel, chocolate, green
  • Accent: (area rug, lampshades, pillows, curtains) burgundy, orange, mustard yellow, rust

Closet #2: Chic Sophistication

A closet that is primarily full of black and white pieces with sporadic bold colors calls for a living room with furniture such as black leather sofas with bold accent pillows and lampshades. Curtains can fall into the black and white theme, or they can be sheer or bold. Walls and carpet look best in white and chairs should be modern in style. Living rooms like this look great with a swing bar off to the side for entertaining.

Color suggestions:

  • Main: (walls, carpet, sofa, chairs) black, white, steel
  • Accent: (area rug, lampshades, pillows, curtains) red, blue, zebra

Closet #3: Wild Child

This type of closet has lots of color with a few subtle articles. Obviously, this style, if directly depicted in a living room, would make the area look far too busy. Mute the carpet and walls. Do bold colors on the sofas, area rugs, and curtains. Leave accent pieces such as chairs, pillows, and lampshades subtle but a step up from the carpet and walls.

Color suggestions:

  • Main: (sofa, chairs, area rug, curtains) red, burgundy, green, blue
  • Accent (chairs, pillows, lampshades) muted gold, pewter, chocolate

Closet #4: Soft and Sweet

Closets with many pastels and few bold colors call for a light and airy living room look to complement this personality. Chances are this person is most comfortable with a beachy and breezy style environment. Walls, carpet, and sofa should be in the white and/or cream family. Area rugs and chairs should be in light complementary colors. Sheer curtains create a delicate look and suit this style nicely. Pillow and lampshade colors should complement each other. Wicker furniture is a good option for this type of living room.

Color suggestions:

  • Main: (walls, carpet, sofa): white, cream, pale yellow
  • Accents: (pillows, lampshades, other furniture): powder blue, seafoam green, orange sorbet, pale pink

Closet #5: Bold and Beautiful

Many bold colors with few soft colors are present in this closet. This style should be cautious: not every piece of furniture needs to be a different and bold color to satisfy this personality. A good choice here would be to have a bolder color on the walls, area rug, lamp shades, and pillows. The larger pieces of furniture such as the sofa and chairs look best in subtle colors.

Color suggestions:

  • Main: (sofa, chairs, curtains): cream, buff
  • Accents: (wall, lampshades, pillows, area rug): sienna, cinnamon, eggplant

This technique is an excellent start in deciding how to decorate a living room. Once the colors have been established, the options are narrowed and the process is a lot more fun and a lot less overwhelming.

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