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The Best Furniture Feet Review 2020

Furniture Feet


Why use furniture feet?

I am sure, like me, you are sick of your furniture scratching your flooring. Especially every time the kids choose to drag the tables and chairs from one corner of the room to another! I had heard of furniture feet and decided to give them a go, as the felt pads don’t seem to last five minutes. They get full of dust and hairs and lose their grip in what seems to be days.

Furniture feet are made from a flexible plastic material that fits on to the bottom of the legs of your furniture. They cup the bottom of the furnitures legs and protect your floor.

They are easy to slip on and stay put when in place – we’ve used them on square and circle legs of different sizes and we’re happy to say they are still in place.

As they’re made of a plastic material. I probably wouldn’t them remove and try to fit them elsewhere. It’s likely the plastic will have stretched to fit that certain products leg size.

I placed an order for four feet to try out. So far, these have eradicated any scratches and scrapes and have become a really handy product for us. So much so that I have re-ordered more so we can use these throughout the house.


They are made of a strong material and will save us so much money on replacement flooring. I am more than happy with the price and the quality of the product and I would highly recommend them.



The Top 5 Reasons for Using Furniture Feet


House cleaning is a chore most of us would want to forego or altogether forget about especially if we have lots of furniture that needs to be moved every time we clean. But fret not, a recent innovative solution to this problem is the use of Furniture Feet.
As its name suggests, this device is placed on a furniture’s feet to stabilize the furniture, prevent dirt accumulation, and protect the furniture.

Here are the 5 reasons:


Non-obtrusive Design


Furniture Feet are made from customized PVC and will act as a piece of chair’s, table’s, or dresser’s feet. They are round-shaped and have a slightly opaque design that makes them fit seamlessly around any kind of furniture’s feet. A room’s furniture design will not be affected since the see through feet are barely visible.


Affordable Cost


Another advantage of using Furniture Feet is that they are affordable. An order will already include several pieces that are one size fits all.
When using these, you will no longer need to repeatedly replace the felt tape commonly used with woodwork legs. This gives you great savings on your time and money.



Fits Most Furniture Sizes


Another useful feature of the Furniture Feet is that they are constructed in universal sizes that will fit most pieces of furniture. This is because they are made of an elastic polyvinyl material. It is round-shaped when you first receive it from the manufacturer but will mold itself to match the shape and size of square-shaped and rectangle-shaped furniture’s legs.
This way, you do not need to order different sizes for each piece of furniture that you have at home.


Easy to Clean


With Furniture Feet, cleaning your home will be easier since they are not dirt magnets. Dirt, paper, hair, and other tiny loose objects do not stick to the products surface. Sweeping and vacuuming floors are relatively easier since you no longer need to lift each piece of furniture to remove dirt stuck under their feet.

Cleaning the device itself is easy since it is made from the same material as plastic. It can be easily wiped clean using either cloth or paper towels.




Another reason for considering Furniture Feet is the their longevity. They are made from polyvinyl and are made to last for a long time under extreme conditions. A furniture’s feet tend to get the brunt of it since they support the whole furniture’s weight and structure.
In chairs and tables, the feet tend to get dragged around when moving the furniture from one place to another, and will subsequently get damaged first. To prevent this issue and preserve the structural integrity of your furniture, using these protectors on them may be the ideal solution.
Using protective Feet for all of the furniture in your home is a step towards getting the best results while investing as little time as possible to cleaning your home. Let this short article guide you in making that decision.


Buy Furniture Feet


If you want to buy furniture feet there are a few different products available, but they all do basically the same thing.

They protect floors from any damage usually caused by moving furniture, they protect furniture legs from damage, and they silence the sound of moving furniture.

Here are some good versions that you can buy.


Furniture Feet Flexible Floor Protectors


  • Easy to install, slips on in seconds.
  • The stretchable clear sleeve fits any shape of furniture legs and Protects floors from scratches and scuff marks.
  • Protects chair, stool and table legs from damage. Stops noise from moving chairs.
  • Woven fiber pad lasts up to 5x longer than standard felt pads.
  • Transparent design matches any decor. Cushion distributes weight to stop wobbles.




These furniture feet work well and do exactly what they are supposed to.

They are made to fit any leg shape, round, square or even rectangle.

The pad is made from a mix of wool and cotton and they are very durable.

They silence even the heaviest of furniture and allow it to slide.

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