Golf Swing: Arm Strength and Flexibility: Improve Your Golf Game With Simple Exercises and Activities


Strengthening shoulder, arm and hand muscles can greatly enhance the golf swing. These muscles can easily be improved through recreational and daily activities.

Tiger Woods and other great golfers have made strength training a major part of their daily workout. One reason is that stronger muscles can help in avoiding injury. Additionally, stronger shoulders, wrists, arms, and hands can greatly influence the power and control of one's golf swing. This is especially true for new golfers.

There are several products on the market that promise to aid your golf swing by building your arm/hand strength. Many of these products simply add weight to your club allowing you to improve your strength and flexibility during swing practice. Although these products may work well, there are some simple daily activities and exercises that you can do outside of your golf practice.

1) Knitting/Crocheting - It's true. Knitting and crocheting can help quite a bit in developing flexibility, range of motion, strength and control in your wrist and hands. There are several books and DVD's on the market that can teach you to knit or crochet. Learn a new craft while improving your golf swing.

2) Yoga - Yoga is a great activity for relieving stress, weight loss, and improving body definition/toning. More importantly, yoga is one of the best activities to help one improve their flexibility and range of motion. Improved flexibility and range of motion can lead to a fuller swing which will help in building a long-distance swing.

3) Swimming - In addition to a great cardio workout, swimming can aid in improving body strength, endurance and building muscle. Consider using aids such as hand paddles or pull buoys to help in targeting your hands, arms, wrists and shoulders.

4) Rock Climbing - Many communities now offer indoor rock climbing as a recreational activity. Rock climbing is a great activity for building and improving overall upper body strength.

5) Strength Training - If you can get to the gym to lift weights, that's great. If not, consider working out with things around your home. While watching television, do curls with cans of soup or bottles of water. Work your way up to lifting bags of dog food, kitty litter or other household items. Add wall pushups to your routine for resistance training.

In addition to one or more of the above, make a conscious decision to use your weak arm or hand daily. For example, if you are right-handed and your left arm is weak, use your left arm to lift and carry groceries, wax the car, vacuum, mop, etc. You'll be surprised how quickly your weak arm becomes stronger.

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