How to Practice Golf and Fix Your Own Golf Swing: Golf Practice Exercises to Fix Swing, Practice Your Golf to Improve


Everyone should practice their golf, but golf practice on your own can lead to faults. Don't waste time, these two exercises are guaranteed to improve your golf swing.

All too often golfers leave the range having worked hard to improve but have actually got worse. These two drills are guaranteed to make you swing better and improve your golf shots. Carry out these golf exercises to improve the path of your backswing and your body balance.

Practice Back Swing Exercise

  • Take up your address position ready to hit an imaginary ball, and then before you swing, bend down and put a ball directly behind the club head rather than in front where the ball should be.
  • Take up your stance again, make sure you know where you are aiming, then swing back to the top of the backswing. As you do so the ball will be sent rolling away.
  • To understand whether you are taking the club back on a good path, all you have to do is watch where the ball has rolled.
  • On a good swing, the ball will have been rolled away slightly behind you, reflecting a swing path that sweeps back on the inside. If however, the ball rolls either straight back or worse, away from you, you know you have taken the club back too straight or outside the line.
  • If you can do this on a few practice swings it gives a very strong feeling of what to do when you hit a shot. Sweep the ball away from behind you for the best results.
  • It is impossible to cheat this exercise, so you can practice this drill confident it will only improve your backswing.

Practice Body Balance Drill

  • Good balance in the golf swing is essential. Too much sway, where the head moves back and forward, is something to be discouraged. Follow this simple drill to guarantee stability and good balance.
  • Take up your stance over a ball, then instead of making a swing, put your feet together, actually get them to touch. Now make a gentle half swing and try to hit the ball forward fifty yards or so.
  • At first, you may well overbalance and miss the ball completely, but very shortly you will be able to make a full swing, hit the ball out of the middle of the club and keep your balance to the finish.

Fix your Golf Swing on Your Own

If you go down to the range for a practice session, and your swing starts to feel out of control, stop there and then. Return to these two exercises which can only help your golf swing.

To be able to rely on golf exercises that are guaranteed to help will save you time, and will avoid you walking away discouraged and fed up.

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