How to select the best Recliner Chairs for yourself?

recliner chairWhen you decide to buy a rocker recliner chair, you shouldn’t just go to a furniture shop and pick up the best looking chair. You need to know the benefits, unique features and specifications of each one so that the chair you buy is as good as a custom-made chair for you.

  1. Frame or base

What is the frame of the chair made of? What is the chair built upon? Understand the structure of the chair and check how strong the base is and how much weight it can carry. If the chair is made of a delicate frame or has a weak structure, it might break or not function properly shortly after you buy it.

  1. Size

Based on the size of your room, buy a chair that doesn’t look either too big nor too small for your room. It should be of the size in which you can sit, lie down and change positions comfortably.

  1. Design

Every chair has a unique design, color, and material. You need to check the angles of the backrest and the footrest upon reclining as every chair will have different dimensions. The chair providing the angle you find most relaxing should be one of your top options. Some chairs also offer two to three options of adjustable options. You should also look into the padding or cushion. Plenty of cushioning on the seat and back are some of the features to establish where a chair is comfortable. The material should be something that feels good to the skin, soft and firm. The footrest in the chairs can be attached to the seat in a successive manner or can be attached separately. The way you like to keep your feet should match the footrest positioning and level of the chairs. Lastly, if the color and the design are suiting your home décor is worth considering.

  1. Additional features

Certain chairs come with an inbuilt speaker system that can be hooked up to the television; some chairs have a head and back massage feature enabled by vibration; some chairs have side pockets to keep your books, remotes, phone etc. If the chair that matches you above requirements has some of these features, it’s like a bonus!

  1. Pricing

Don’t go for the cheapest one or the most expensive one as the features are more important to match and then you can look at the chairs that offer these features within your price range. If you need some features to gain luxurious comfort, you should be ready to pay for it. Usually, these chairs are $300 or above, depending on specifications, but you can also avail discounts on above 3 products on

Where to buy them from?

Furniture malls are a good place to shop for recliner chairs, but you may find a limited variety and quantity. If you research the online shopping sites, you will be offered hundreds of choices varying in brands, pricing, features, designs, advantages, and types. is offering a fabulous selection of chairs and the above 3 also have an offer going on once in a while. Usually, the shipping charges by Amazon are either nil or very minimal.


Our fast-paced and taxing life needs more comfort and satisfaction. The rocker recliner chair can prove to be good for us for so many reasons. We know that by now you’re thinking of buying one of these and hopefully we have narrowed it down for you and made it simpler to make a choice. Every chair is unique and will offer you something. When you figure out your expectations, it would be easy for you to pick from the above 3 chairs.