How to Stop Slicing, Stop Cutting and Hit Greens: Stop a Slice, Aim Correctly to Control Slice for More Greens


Most slicers are fed up with the shape of their slice and would love to draw the ball. But without correcting their swing path they are destined to slice forever.

To stop slicing, a golfer needs to eradicate any pre-conceived ideas of why the ball curves from left to right in the air. Understanding the core reason behind a slice is the first step to straightening out golf shots and hitting greens in regulation.

The range of theories on the cause of a slice is never-ending, but the bottom line is very simple – a golfer slices because their swing path is aiming left as it comes into the impact area. That is why their divots always point left.

If no compensating move is made the ball would start off left, and end up left of target – a straight pull. The reason a golfer slices is because instinctively they know the ball is going left, and in a last-ditch bid to get the ball on line, they use their hands to open the club face, causing a slice across the ball.

Aim Correctly to Stop Slicing

When a slicer stands on the tee they are so worried about seeing their ball fly off to the right, they start aiming further and further left to adjust for the expected spin. This is the most damaging error a slicer can make and the reason so few learn to straighten out their shots. It requires tremendous bravery and a leap of faith to stop slicing by aiming correctly. But it is the only way.

If a slicer, against all his instincts, can aim towards the target or even slightly right of it, their hands will quickly realise they have a different job to do at impact. Instead of needing to open up the clubface, the hands will start to roll over, closing the club face – soon the golfer who habitually slices will be able to draw the ball.

How to Check you are Aiming Correctly

  • Put a club on the ground to check where you are aiming. Make sure it is aiming straight, or even to the right of the target.
  • Make sure your shoulders, hips, and feet are aiming along the club line. Do not adjust before you start the swing – this is absolutely essential as most golfers fidget back into a more comfortable aim.
  • No matter how uncomfortable it feels – stick at it!! This will straighten out your shots.

Trust your New Stance to Hit Greens in Regulation

The advice above can be read in thousands of articles. Most slicers already know it, most have even tried it, but nearly all have failed to put it into practice. This requires a leap of faith to another world – to stop slicing you have to trust your new aim.

Be prepared to fail at first, this takes a little time. Your hands have to be given a chance to understand their new role of closing the club head at impact, but if you can persevere through the initial frustration, a new world awaits you; a draw, hitting greens in regulation, lower scores and no slice – Utopia!

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