Joe Rogan’s Capisco Ergonomic Chair and Alternatives
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Joe Rogan’s Capisco Ergonomic Chair and Alternatives


Joe Rogan’s Capisco Ergonomic ChairStand-up comedian, martial arts commentator, and podcast host, Joe Rogan, has famously raved about his love for his ergonomic Capisco chair on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. So what is Joe Rogan’s Capisco Ergonomic Chair? Rogan described the chair as being “the best ergonomic chair I’ve used by FAR.” And he is not alone. Following the discussion on his podcast, Rogan’s fans took to Twitter to echo their positive experiences of using the Capisco chair in their homes and offices and despite the initial expensive outlay, Rogan’s fans agree that while it may look a little ‘weird,’ online consensus is that it is one of the comfiest chairs that you could sit in. The Capisco is dubbed the ‘Holy Grail of podcast chairs’ but the evidence from real-life users on Twitter suggests that this saddle-style seat can be used for all-day comfort in any workplace environment.

The HAG Capisco chair is an award-winning human-centered design that allows for all of the seating positions that you can possibly image, including functionality for use at a standing desk using the pneumatic lift. It is fully adjustable in every sense with the user being able to customise the chair to their own needs including seat height, back height and back tilt. It can be sat on front-ways, sideways, backwards and is just as comfortable in any position of your choosing.

Ergonomically, this chair has a plus-shaped back that supports the user in the multiway saddle seat. The contours of the saddle seat ensure that the hips are in an open position, which brings the spine into its optimum natural alignment. For the environmentally-minded, this chair is a super-ethical choice with 24% of the materials being generated from recycled materials, and, one day when you’re finally ready to retire the Capisco, (though it might last longer than you do with its 10-year warranty) 95% of the chair itself if recyclable.

One thing to bear in mind is that this chair is not designed to be super padded for comfort, but rather to train you to sit properly in any conceivable position to alleviate aches and pains at the end of the day. It is also worth checking the dimensions of the chair’s back piece to see if it will be suitable for your needs as while most sing the praises of this chair in a similar way to Joe Rogan, taller users may find that the back is a little too short to give them the support they need for an all-day stint at work. Having said that, if you carefully check the dimensions of the Capisco to make sure that it is suitable for your needs, there are thousands of reviews from happy users that share the view that this is the best ergonomic chair they’ve used “by FAR.”


  • Fully adjustable
  • Can be used in any position
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty


  • Quite Expensive

Possible Alternatives To Joe Rogan’s Capisco Ergonomic Chair

Whilst the Capisco comes highly recommended by Joe Rogan and legions of his followers, there are other similar saddle seat chairs available on the market and here are five of the best that we have found.

Black Premium Tilting Saddle Stool with Short Seat


Black Premium Tilting Saddle Stool with Short SeatSignificantly cheaper than the Capisco, this premium chair’s tilting saddle seat design allows your weight to be evenly distributed and keep the pelvis in its natural position. By eliminating pressure points, the waterfall edge style of the chair allows better circulation in the legs and encourages the user not to slouch. The frame itself is constructed from tubular, rust-proof steel with the base distributing weight evenly, ergo eliminating damage to the underlying floor and allowing the chair to roll in all directions both on and off carpeted surfaces.

The gas lift height adjustment allows the user a height range adjustment of around seven inches, which may allow some users to use this chair at a standing desk, although this may not be suitable for users over six feet in height. Luckily, the chair is also available in a second, higher height for taller users. There are foot rings available separately if the user finds that they need them during a long stint at work.

Whilst this chair will undoubtedly improve your posture with its saddle seat design, some users may find that its padding may not be thick enough for repeated use throughout the day straight away and the lack of backrest on this particular chair may take some getting used to. However, once used to the style of the chair, users can leave work with their hips feeling looser and more comfortable.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Comes in two different height ranges.
  • Gas height lift with a seven-inch range.


  • Not enough padding for some.

Master Massage Saddle Stool with NanoSkin Upholstery, Coffee


Master Massage Saddle Stool with NanoSkin UpholsteryThis lower budget alternative to the Capisco is extremely lightweight at 5kg but can support a user capacity of up to 550lbs. The seat is broad and well-padded with molded foam that is designed to last for years without flattening or looking worn, and with a 5-year warranty, users can feel assured in their investment. However, the broadness of the saddle seat itself may be an issue for more petite users and could be better suited to taller or heavier users.

The upholstery is a coffee-coloured, high-quality PU, allowing it to be easily cleaned, thus making it a hygienic choice should it be used by multiple users in the workplace. In terms of using in the workplace, the range of height adjustment is 7 inches making it ideal for those who like to work in a standing position, particularly when using an adjustable desk to ensure optimum positioning for the spine. Without an adjustable desk, this may not be enough for some users to be comfortable.

One thing that this chair is lacking compared to other similar models is a tilt mechanism, but the responsive wheels do allow for the best possible positioning by your desk without the tilt being needed.


  • Supports a user capacity up to 550lbs
  • 5-year warranty
  • 7-inch height range


  • No tilt mechanism
  • The seat may be too broad for more petite users

Voilamart Saddle Salon Massage Chair with Backrest Adjustable Swivel Hydraulic Gas Lift Ergonomic Stool for Hairdressing Manicure Tattoo Therapy Beauty Massage Spa Salon, Black


Voilamart Saddle Salon Massage Chair with Backrest Adjustable Swivel Hydraulic Gas Lift Ergonomic Stool For those who like to have a back on their seat, this a great lower budget alternative to the Capisco. Like the other Capisco alternatives, it has a hydraulic lift to go from a regular sitting positions to standing, with an adjustment range of 5 inches.

The base is made from a sturdy, anti-rust iron and has the added feature of a footrest for comfort at varying heights, with castors that glide easily over hard flooring and carpet. One minor criticism is that whilst the chair is easily adjusted to a high or standing position, it may not reach quite high enough for some people, depending on what they are using the chair for.

The stool is well padded with foam to aide comfort, but the padding may not be enough for some people at first while they are getting used to the way in which the seat works. The backrest is a more unusual feature in a saddle seat, and whilst it will provide comfort when one does choose to slouch, it does detract from the idea that saddle seats are designed to prevent slouching!

Of course, this chair is available in a variation without the backrest so this is all down to personal preference and what you are looking for in an ergonomic saddle chair. The chair does require assembly, but this is a simple process


  • Supports both seating and standing position.
  • Budget-friendly price.

  • Padding may be too sparse for some.

Euroseats Lugo Ergonomic Tilting Saddle Stool, Suede, Black/Chrome


Euroseats Lugo Ergonomic Tilting Saddle Stool, Suede, Black/ChromeThis black suede seat has a shaped foam pillow to ensure comfort throughout the working day, and ease the user into getting used to the saddle-style seat. Like the Capisco, this seat features a pneumatic seat adjustment, which is effortless for the user. The adjustable height range is around 7 inches, so perfect for being in a standing position at a high or adjustable desk.

Without an adjustable desk, some taller users may not find this level of height adjustment enough; however, this should be enough adjustment for most. One great feature of this chair is the tilt mechanism, which allows you to tilt in any direction ensuring maximum comfort, however you choose to work.

There is also a handy automatic return mechanism that takes the seat back to its original adjustment condition – this is particularly useful in a hot desk working environment or other situations where multiple staff need to use the same seat. One minor flaw with the seat is that it is not wipe-clean, which may be a hygiene issue as time goes on.


  • Adjustable height range of 7 inches
  • Tilt mechanism allows tilt in any direction
  • Automatic return mechanism

  • Better with an adjustable desk
  • The fabric is not wipe-clean

OSPST205 – Office Star ST205 Backless Saddle Seat Stool 


OSPST205 - Office Star ST205 Backless Saddle Seat Stool This budget version of a backless saddle seat should not be discounted because it has a low price. For those who enjoy working from a standing or high-up position, this seat has a height adjustment range of ten inches, so potentially suitable for those up to 6 feet 3 or maybe more.

It has a sturdy foot ring at the base, which is ideal to use for additional support when working in a standing position. The seat can be tilted backward and forwards to allow your spine to be in its optimum position, depending on how you are choosing to sit.

The seat is cushioned, although the cushioning may be somewhat sparse (particularly for males) for those who are used to more and this will take some getting used to as your body adjusts to being in the correct posture position. The fabric is black vinyl, which is easy to clean but may cause some perspiration if sitting on the seat for several hours.


  • Great value.
  • Suitable for taller users.

  • Cushioning may be too sparse for some.
  • Vinyl fabric not breathable.

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