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The Best Kneeling Chair 2020

The Kneeling Office Chair

 Kneeling chairs may look like an unusual option for office seating, but with so many ergonomic benefits, they are definitely worth considering if you find yourself suffering from back pain at the end of a working day. One of the main benefits of a kneeling chair is that it offers you the ability to sit ‘actively’ as you work; with no backrest, the core muscles need to work as you sit to keep you upright. This will not only improve muscle tone and posture, it will align your back, shoulders, and neck as well as taking pressure off the coccyx.

The Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

 A kneeling chair works best if used in short bursts, with regular breaks to ensure the best possible circulation in the legs, so if you require an ergonomic seating option that you can use little and often, this is a style of seating worth considering. Most modern kneeling chairs are based on the original 1979 kneeling chair known as the Varier Balans Kneeling Chair. Here we will review the original, as well as some other alternative versions that are available on the market today.

Varier Variable Balans Chair, Black Lacquered Wood

Varier Variable Balans Chair, Black Lacquered Wood The Varier is the original kneeling chair first designed in 1979 by Peter Opsvik. This unique and unconventional design had never been seen before, and soon became an iconic piece to have at home or in the office – both for comfort and as a conversation piece.

The chair will rock with your movements and has more sideways flex than expected at first sight, making it comfortable as you experience taking the pressure off the usual areas that bear the brunt of sitting in a conventional chair all day. The chair itself is made from durable, recycled polyester, which is not only environmentally friendly; it also ensures longevity in your investment.

The Varier chair is designed to be used by adults and children alike as the pads can be adjusted to accommodate height, (available separately) and there is a backrest that can be purchased separately, although this may go against the basic aims of using the chair to improve core muscles and posture. The available padding kit and the backrest the extent of the ability to customise the chair for your own usage, so users must ensure that they have a suitably adjustable desk to get the full benefit from the seat.

Assembly was very simple with the chair constructed in less than 10 minutes.


  • Original design
  • Rocks back and forth and side to side
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Any adjustable features must be purchased separately
  • More expensive than alternatives on the market.

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair for Office & Computer * Promotes Better Posture * Natural Rocking Movement * Extra Thick Pads * Orthopedic Stool – Helps Ease Back Pain * Black or Blue Faux Leather

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair for Office & Computer * Promotes Better Posture * Natural Rocking Movement * Extra Thick Pads * Orthopedic Stool - Helps Ease Back Pain * Black or Blue Faux LeatherThis elegant, minimalist design is available in several different colour faux leather finishes to fit in with any home décor. Its small size means that it can be tucked away easily when not being used, making it perfect for use in smaller spaces. Due to its size, it is probably best suited to users under 6 feet tall, but despite its lightweight design, it can accommodate a user capacity of up to 14 stones.

The chair feels sturdy to kneel in, and will rock slightly, should you choose to. The rocking motion aids comfort and the seating pads are very well cushioned and comfortable for as long as you wish to kneel in the seat for.

It took around one hour for one person to assemble the seat, but this could be tricky for those not used to doing DIY as the parts are not very clearly labeled. One minor criticism is that the faux leather finish may look a little too ‘faux’ and could appear a little plastic looking to some, but it is a great lower budget option for those who want to try a kneeling chair at home.


  • Perfect for smaller spaces
  • User capacity up to 14 stones.
  • Rocking motion


  • Assembly may be tricky for some
  • Faux leather finish is a little plastic looking.

Solace Kneeling Chair with Back Support – Ergonomic Chair Designed to Help Relieve Back Pain and Improve Posture 

Solace Kneeling Chair with Back Support – Ergonomic Chair Designed to Help Relieve Back Pain and Improve Posture This version of the kneeling chair is slightly different to the original design in that it includes both a back support and a gas lift height lever, which allows for more user control in the level of comfort on offer than other alternative chairs on the market. Having said that, the kneeling seat angle and the pad position is fixed.

The chair itself is made from a sturdy steel frame, and the durable black fabric upholstery is well-padded with foam and can support a user capacity of up to 20 stones. The seat pad is slightly larger than on some of the other kneeling seats so it may be a good option for larger users.

The seat is sloped, to allow for better circulation; however, this could be a little slippery depending on what the user is wearing! There are castors on the chair so that it can be easily moved around the room without the need to lift it, and it can be swiveled a full 360 degrees for full maneuverability at your workstation.


  • Gas height adjustment
  • User capacity up to 20 stones
  • Slightly larger seat pad


  • The sloped seat may be slippery
  • Kneeling seat angle is fixed.

Wooden Posture Kneeling Fabric Chair Green 

Wooden Posture Kneeling Fabric Chair Green This kneeling chair is not only a colourful classic-looking European design, it can also be adjusted in terms of both height and kneeling angle, which means that it can be easily tailored to each user’s comfort requirements. The kneeling angle is a particularly useful feature for those who use the seat specifically to overcome lumbar-based issues, so this is a great selling point if you suffer from back pain!

The chair itself is straight-forward to assemble, taking a maximum of 15 minutes for one person. The chair can be used with or without the castors it comes with, which is a further way in which the chair can be customised to suit user needs.

Using the chair without the castors may potentially make the chair feel more study as you become used to using the kneeling design. The chair is quite low and lightweight, so can easily be tucked out of the way to ensure that the workplace looks tidy when it’s not in use.

There is a user capacity of 14 stone, so the lightweight design does mean that the seat may not be suitable for larger users, but certainly has some scope for use by multiple users owing to its adjustable design. In terms of durability, the upholstery consists of a polyacrylic fabric, which is easy to wipe clean, making it a hygienic option for use in the office. In essence, this is a great lower budget option for a kneeling seat experience.


  • Height and kneeling angle can be adjusted.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great low-budget option


  • User capacity only up to 14 stones
  • The chair may feel less sturdy when the castors are used.

Posture-Right KNEELING STOOL: Improve Seated Posture and Minimise Workplace Pain 

Posture-Right KNEELING STOOL: Improve Seated Posture and Minimise Workplace Pain This stylish-looking chair is finished in durable PVC vinyl leather and is available in both black and white, contrasting with a light-colored German beech wood frame. The chair is sturdier than it looks and can accommodate a user capacity of up to 14 stones.

The seat is height adjustable with an adjustment range of around 4 inches, which is an excellent level of adjustment for the price of the chair as it gives the user plenty of options for use. There are four rolling castor wheels, however, these are smaller and lower quality than may be expected, but these could be replaced very easily to improve the maneuverability of the chair if this is an important factor.

Of course, if the castors aren’t important to you, they could be left off during the assembly process. Assembly was a little fiddly, and better suited to those with more DIY experience. However, the level of adjustment on offer combined with the stylish design cannot be rivaled for the price.


  • Stylish design with colour options
  • Height adjustable with a range of up to 4 inches
  • Low budget option


  • Lower quality castors
  • Fiddly assembly

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