Ladies and Golf: They’re Good Together at Any Age


All of the hype from the U.S. Women’s Open Championship will probably cause many ladies to want to pick up a club and start golfing. Young girls like 12-year-old Alexis Thompson and 17-year-old Michelle Wie are bringing a fresh face to golf and encouraging many young girls to take up the sport. But what about the more seasoned ladies? Is it too late for a 40-something or even a 50 or 60 something gal to pick up a club? Well, before you say "yes, I'm too old to golf", here are some pretty convincing reasons why ladies should play golf no matter what their age.

  • Golf is a game of mental strategy, not just physical ability. For example, you’ll need to decide what club to use for certain shots, and strategize as to how you might make that tricky shot. There are also rules of etiquette and rules for scoring, etc. Consequently, playing golf can really aid in keeping your mind sharp at any age.
  • Patience and more patience is what you will need to master the game of golf. If you become frustrated or anxious, you’ll just bomb on the next hole. Also, most courses frown on poor sportsmanship. Behavior like stomping, cursing or throwing clubs when you miss a shot are no no’s in the game of golf. Getting in the sand bunker can really get you miffed, so you have to practice and exhibit lots of self-control.
  • Walking the course provides for great exercise (provided you don’t use a golf cart). On the average golf course, you will walk about 1.5 - 2 miles when playing nine holes, and 3 -4 miles when playing eighteen holes. Now that’s a lot of walking. Recent medical studies have shown that walking while golfing can be a great benefit to your health. Just another reason why a gal should take up golf no matter what her age.
  • Golfing is also a great social sport. It provides many opportunities to meet new people. Most golf courses have tournaments and leagues, and some are exclusively for women. Club memberships also come with invitations to other social events like picnics, wine tastings, pool parties and the like. Golfing can be an introduction to a whole new group of friends and/or social acquaintances.
  • Although it can be frustrating when your ball ends up amongst the trees or in the water, golfing can be relaxing as well. Imagine walking along the fairway hearing the sounds of birds chirping and just appreciating the beauty of nature. This peaceful and serene environment can bring tranquility to even the most hectic day.
  • Lastly, golfing is just plain fun.

If you've had health problems/concerns, it might be wise to check with your physician before beginning golf.

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