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Office Chair ReviewsErgonomic chairs have countless benefits over a traditional chair. With many of us spending our working lives sat in an office, it makes perfect sense to opt for a chair that can support your posture, ensure comfort and reduce pressure on the back, neck, and hips. Here we are going to provide office chair reviews that we consider to be the top ten market leaders in ergonomic office chairs.

Herman Miller Embody Chair


Herman Miller Embody ChairThe Herman Miller Chair is a market leader; designed for anyone who spends their day confined to their office chair. It is specifically designed with office workers in mind and everyday users have certainly given this chair rave reviews. This chair takes the number 1 position in our office chair reviews.

One of the key selling points of the chair is that it is suitable for all body types, with a range of adjustment mechanisms making it fully customisable. This makes it an excellent choice for a bulk office order to keep staff happy and pain-free. Having said that, it could take a number of uses to get it ‘just right’ for each user of the chair, which could potentially be an issue in a ‘hot desk’ office environment.

The Embody itself is made from a tight mesh with a flexible ‘skeleton’ that will move with the person sitting on the chair. One of the main benefits of a mesh material is that the air will be able to circulate, thus avoiding embarrassing perspiration problems. The 12-year warranty is definitely a plus for longevity, and although the chair itself is expensive, it is an investment in your business or your home office.

One potential downside is that it should really be assembled by a professional, which could be an issue for those purchasing the Herman Miller Embody Chair for home use. Overall, we feel that this a fantastic chair and a great investment for anyone who regularly uses the same chair each day and experiences back pain as a result.


  • Extreme comfort
  • Promotes circulation
  • 12 years warranty
  • Fully adjustable


  • Assembly process is complicated

Steelcase Gesture Chair


Steelcase Gesture ChairThis award-winning chair is the result of a global research study of 2,000 people working at their desks to discover the types of posture that office workers adopt whilst working on their computer and accessing other mobile devices. Therefore, if you are someone who spends a vast chunk of your working day at your desk, this is the chair that has been specially designed for you! 3D Live Back has been developed to adapt to the contours of your back to maximise support and comfort, whilst encouraging the spine to be in its optimum seated position. This chair takes the number 2 position in our office chair reviews.

Using this technology, it offers the deepest level of recline using manual controls that allow you to customise the chair to fit your needs. In addition to this, the chair is fitted with air pockets in order to add to comfort levels by not only providing probably the thickest cushioning on the market but by also by allowing the air to circulate and prevent perspiration.

One potential gripe with this chair is that the lumbar support on this chair is not adjustable, which may be an issue depending on your circumstances. However, this chair is a good all-rounder with plenty of colour options and would great in any home or office.


  • 3D Live Back
  • Fully adjustable
  • Adjustable bolstering


  • The price
  • Looks like a simple chair

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair


Ergohuman High Back Swivel ChairThe first thing that is striking about this chair is that the look of it is quite different to your average ergonomic office chair, which may also be appealing in a uniquely styled office environment. The chair itself is made of highly breathable mesh and comes in six colours, (including the traditional black or grey colours that tend to be popular in many offices!) and features chrome and aluminium trim frame for a smart and modern look. This chair takes the number 3 spot in our office chair reviews.

In terms of usage, this is a chair that is highly adjustable and perfect for users up to 250lbs who spend more than five hours a day working at a desk. The standout feature of the chair is the headrest, which is a rarity on most office chairs, although in our opinion this could potentially be uncomfortable for taller users when the headrest is placed at its maximum extension. In spite of this, the chair has a range of adjustable features including tilt level, moveable arms, seat depth, back height and overall height. All of this is controlled by a single paddle mechanism powering the chair’s pneumatic cylinder, which means that the chair can be easily and smoothly adjusted to your individual needs to maximise comfort during your working day.

A major plus point of this chair is the special inbuilt spring support for the lower lumbar area, which moves with the user and helps to alleviate lower back pain caused by sitting for long periods.

One potential issue with the lumbar support, however, is that it is not independently adjustable from the backrest, which is a bit of let down in terms of customising the chair to fit your own back pain needs. The chair has three different recline positions, which means that the chair is also suitable for gaming as well as working at a desk, so would make a great multipurpose chair in a home office environment.


  • Great design
  • Synchro-tilt mechanism
  • Additional cushions
  • Lumbar support


  • Arm covers are made from foam

Merax High Back Ergonomic Pu Leather Racing Chair


Merax High back Ergonomic Pu Leather Racing ChairIf you are looking for a budget-friendly multipurpose chair which leans more towards being a gaming chair than an office chair, then this is definitely the one for you. It is ergonomically designed to support you as you work or play and has high-end features for a mid-end price. The bottom line is that this chair is seriously comfortable with a thick seat, padded headrest, backrest, arms, and pillow. This chair comes in at number 4 in our office chair reviews.

The armrests flip up and down and can be adjusted at any time. The material consists of durable mesh fabric and Pu leather, which is hard wearing and easy to clean, for those of you who like to eat as you work or play games. In terms of lumbar support, there is a removable lumbar pillow and a high back to protect the head and neck from pain. (This is something that is particularly helpful for taller users who have the tendency to slouch – although the backrest may not be high enough for the exceptionally tall.)

The tilt function allows users to recline the chair quite far back, which may be useful to some. One of the main drawbacks is that although there is lumbar support there, it is not adjustable beyond having the lumbar support cushion in or taking it out, so although this is a great budget chair, it may not be the best choice for you if you tend to suffer from regular aches and pains in the lumbar region.


  • Looks great
  • Very tall
  • Back cushion
  • The backrest is 135 degrees


  • Armrests are flimsy
  • Isn’t great for short people

Humanscale Diffrient World Office Chair


Humanscale Diffrient World Office ChairDon’t like assembling furniture? No problem; this chair comes fully assembled. This latest offering from Humanscale has been designed with a weight-sensitive recline mechanism that works automatically to support the user in every position. This is so good that you can almost lie back horizontally in the chair and still be supported! The frame is plastic and the seat itself is made entirely from mesh, which enables the recline to work without manual adjustment. This chair is number 5 in our office chair reviews.

The mesh also works as a lumbar support, working without the need for any additional external controls, which makes it suitable to be used around the office without upsetting anyone by adjusting their chair! One minor criticism we have is that the castor wheels are maybe a little too sensitive, which is great if you want to move the chair around; but not so good if your chair is moving around too much when you are sat in it – so probably not ideal for an office with wooden floors!

Another detail which may be important in your consideration when looking to purchase this chair is that it is probably better suited to the more petite user, as our taller (6 foot) tester did not find it to be suitable for their height, even with adjustment. For the ecologically minded, another benefit of this chair is that it comes with minimal packaging, so one less problem when you take delivery of the chair.

All in all, this is a great chair for shorter users who like the idea of not having to use manual controls to be comfortable and pain-free in the office.


  • 15-year warranty
  • Lightweight and simple design
  • Great breathability


  • Strange arm adjustments

Knoll Generation Chair


Knoll Generation ChairThe first impression is that this chair has a bold styling. It uses old-fashioned foam-filled cushioning to make the chair feel extremely comfortable in the first instance. The material on the back-support area is shaped like a figure-8, which supports the back along the entire length of the spine. The shoulder support feels springy and flexible, which definitely helps to ease the shoulder and upper back pain over the course of the day, helping this chair to 6th place in our office chair reviews.

The seat itself is large and well-cushioned, and the aforementioned old-fashioned foam is great for people who tend to move around a lot as they work. The only real issue we can see with this particular chair is that the foam material used doesn’t allow the air to circulate, so it could leave the user feeling a little sweaty and ‘stuck’ to the seat by the end of a long day.

However, if your office is air-conditioned, as most modern offices are; the potential issue with the foam cushioning isn’t a major problem and can easily be overlooked in favour of the serious comfort factor this chair offers.


  • Available in a range of bright or neutral colours
  • Superior comfort level
  • A firm, large foam cushion


  • The foam cushion isn’t breathable
  • Shipping and delivery can be slow

Humanscale Freedom Chair


Humanscale Freedom ChairThe Freedom Chair by Humanscale is certainly pleasing to the eye. On first sight, the chair is sleek and unique with its sturdy double bar design. There is a vast array of fabrics and frame options to choose from to ensure that the chair is perfectly matched to your office décor. The seat itself is large and wide, making it suitable for users who require a slightly wider chair than average. The back height is pretty good too, so this is a great choice for taller chair users. This comes in at number 7 in our office chair reviews

In terms of ergonomics, the counterweight tension is sturdy and supportive, allowing you to lean quite far back without overbalancing. The gel-based cushioning reacts to each individual user, tailoring the support to the natural shape of your spine, and the modular cushions can be replaced, which could enhance the longevity of the investment in the chair.

One flaw with the design that quickly became apparent is how potentially irritating the armrest mechanism could be as the sliding plastic tabs that control the mechanism are easy to move inadvertently, should you lean on the arms to stand up. Having said that, the armrests themselves are quite comfortable and well-padded. Overall, a great looking chair with gel-based, superior support – but maybe try before you buy to see if you can get on with the armrest mechanism!


  • Fully customisable colour options for fabric, base, and frame
  • Award-winning design
  • Weight-sensitive recline
  • The unique back height adjustment feature


  • Very few manually-adjustable controls
  • Armrest mechanism too sensitive

Serta Works Executive Office Chair Review


Serta Works Executive Office ChairThe Serta Works Executive Chair comes with a 5-layer cushioning system that makes it feel like a mattress to sit on! The thick, layered cushions are contoured to gently support your spine to its optimum position. The cushioning around the lumbar area is designed with air technology, which enables the cushioning to flex and twist with your body as you move. This is the 8th placed chair in our office chair reviews.

The chair also features a thick, padded headrest that feels like a pillow and provides support in the upper spine/neck region. The pneumatic lift ensures correct foot positioning, and the armrest is supportive and encourages correct placement of the forearm. We found the control mechanisms easy to reach in order to tailor the height and lumbar support to our individual needs.

One criticism was that we found the height of the seat at the back to be a little low for our taller tester (6 foot) to be truly comfortable for long periods. In essence, this chair is one of the most comfortable that we have found, but it may only be suitable for occasional use by anyone taller than 6 feet.


  • Stylish, eco-friendly leather design
  • One button height adjustment
  • Pivoting lumber support


  • Only comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • Not suitable for taller users

Office Chair High Back Recline Office Chair Computer Chair Ergonomic Design Racing Chair


Office Chair High-back Recliner Office Chair Computer Chair Ergonomic Design Racing ChairThe first impression of this chair is that its primary purpose is for gaming rather than for a long-haul workday at a desk. The fabric is Pu leather and the frame consists of strong, tubular steel. It looks good, but it could potentially feel a little cheap to those who are used to real leather. Having said that, not everyone wants to have leather furniture in their home or office, so this could be a bonus! This is the 9th place chair in our office chair reviews.

It features a bucket-style seat complete with footrest and the chair itself can be reclined to a totally flat position, thus doubling up as an emergency futon. In terms of ergonomics, the backrest is contoured to support the entire spine, and there is a handy removable lumbar cushion. Our concern was that although h the recline mechanism is sturdy and smooth, there is no specific mechanism to change the level of lumbar support, and the only level of control over the support is to have the lumbar cushion in place or remove it.

Another potential issue is that the arm rests are not adjustable, which could potentially be uncomfortable after a long period of sitting. The bottom line is that the chair looks good, it’s comfortable and multipurpose, but it doesn’t have all the lumbar controls that you might expect from a specifically designed ergonomic chair. Having said that – it’s great value for the price!


  • Has a footrest
  • Removable headrest
  • Multipurpose – office chair and gaming chair
  • Can be reclined to a flat position


  • Cheap faux-leather fabric
  • Armrests are not adjustable

SAYL Chair by Herman Miller Review


SAYL Chair by Herman MillerThis chair is a beauty – something totally different to your traditional office chair. The “strings” (elastomer strands) at the back of the chair make it great to look at, but ever more comfortable to sit in. This is number 10 in our office chair reviews.

The design itself is innovative and removes the need for any manual controls to alter the lumbar support or the recline as the elastomer strands of different lengths, widths and tensions do all the hard work with their 3D back support. This is something that is fully functional up to a user capacity of 350lbs – so great for anyone who needs a sturdier chair.

The design using the strands rather than a solid back means that the air is able to freely circulate, which means that the user is less likely to perspire on a hot day in the office. The only real gripe we had with the design of the chair was the fact that the armrests are not adjustable and could potentially be irritating by the end of a long day at work. The reason that is not adjustable is to keep the materials down to a minimum, so if you care about the environmental impact of this chair, you don’t need to worry!

We really liked this chair, and it certainly looks the part in a stylish office space, so if fixed armrests don’t bother you, go for it!


  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Statement piece
  • 350lb capacity


  • Fixed armrests
  • Adjustable lumbar support at an extra cost
We have reviewed ten of the best office chairs available on the market today, and there are countless ergonomic chairs out there to suit every need and budget. The key things that we found to be a consideration in choosing a chair are whether or not you want to be able to adjust your lumbar support, will the chair be appropriate for your height and weight and would a foam, gel or mesh design be right for you?Try browsing through our website to see more office chairs.

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