Teen Decorating Ideas: Practical and Fun Bedroom Decorating Tips for Teenagers

Find decorating ideas for teenagers that are trendy and fun and, best of all, easy to do and inexpensive.

For a teenager decorating their own bedroom is more an act of personal expression and self-definition than it is interior decorating. Keep this in mind as you look for teen decorating ideas.

Temporary Transformations

Teens gradually become more aware of who they are and what they like through experimenting and trying different things. Initially, they may think they like one color or musician or activity because their friends do, but after a while, they realize that maybe they actually like something else. Because this is the nature of these emerging adults, everyone should keep this in mind as they approach a decorating project, parents and teens alike.

*Wall Saving Trick – Discourage gluing and pinning posters to the walls by buying frames that can have their contents changed or purchase corkboard and create a cork wall that can take all the thumbtacks you can find.

Decorating with Color

If your teen is willing to paint their own bedroom, maybe frequently, then let them go ahead and pick a color as paint is relatively inexpensive. But if your teen doesn’t have the ambition to paint their own room go for a neutral color and look for inexpensive accessories to add color and interest.

*Color Trick - Invest in a large artist’s canvas (or several) and let them paint and repaint them, using the neutral wall color as a frame. It’s inexpensive, easy to change and brings personality and color to a room.

Storage is Key

Teens are great at collecting and amassing things and due to their busy schedules, they’re notoriously bad at picking up after themselves. Because of this, look to add as much storage as possible to your teen’s room. In addition to the closet, which is probably already full, find storage containers for under the bed, use multipurpose bench/storage pieces for seating, look for tall storage options to take advantage of unused space.

*Storage Trick - Shelving cubes can be purchased at almost any hardware store and they can be constantly rearranged to give the room a different feel. They can also be painted or decorated

Decorating Budget

A bedroom for a teenager is their oasis from the world around them and a place where they can just be themselves. So encourage your teen to take an active part in their decorating, in fact, parents should really take a back seat and act as a helper rather than an advisor. This said, encourage your teen to learn some important life lessons by giving them a budget for their decorating project and let them figure out how to work within the budget.

*Deal Tip - DIY is a great way to save money so scour auctions, second-hand stores, garage sales and anywhere else where you might find something that can be reupholstered such as chairs, refinished, painted or even taken apart.

Remember, as you let your teen explore their personal likes and dislikes, their room may become the testing ground. Keep all decorating projects simple, inexpensive, and flexible. And make sure your teen is willing to be a part of the process, they’ll gain a sense of pride in the outcome and you can’t be blamed for any unfinished projects.

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