The color of Bedroom Evokes Emotion: How to Stir Up Certain Emotions with Wall Color

For many couples, the master bedroom is the most perplexing room in the house. Do they want to make it romantic, or more like a vacation getaway room or something that’s fun? These are questions every person must make when decorating their master bedroom. One of the most important decisions to be made is the color of the walls. Should they be bold, soft, should there be an accent wall or should all four walls be painted?

First, the couple needs to figure out what emotion they want to evoke with their bedroom. When they walk in do they want to feel passions, relaxation, warmth, calm, or adventure? After they decide that, the paint goes on the walls and the decorations come out to help evoke that feeling.

According to, the color blue evokes a feeling of calmness and serenity. If the couple wants a serene and calm room they could pair any shade of blue walls with white accents for this effect. If the couple wants calm with a punch of color, besides blue, they could paint the walls blue with white and sage colored pillows, chocolate colored curtains or even a yellow patterned bedspread. Large candle stands could be on either side of the dresser or even a small fountain on a stand in the corner. Decorate with a lot of accent pillows which will give the visual sense of calm and relaxation.

The color green is thought to evoke stress relief and a sense of nature. For a more modern master bedroom, the walls could be painted a sage color with much the same color scheme as the blue room. To evoke the sense of nature the sage room could be paired with some rustic furniture or a framed picture of nature scenes on one of the walls. To evoke stress relief there could be brown and white candles in variously shaped candle holders. A pair of candle sconces on each side of the bed with a white down comforter would help relieve stress.

Red usually symbolized passion or anger. To each his own why they choose red but let’s assume the reason is passion. The walls can be any shade of red. If the walls are going to be a bright red, it may be a good idea to have very light colored accents. White sheer curtains over the window would be a stark, pure contrast to the passionate red walls. Black accents would go very well in a red room. Maybe a black, sheer canopy over a white bedspread would make the bed the main focal point of the room in a very dramatic fashion. If black is too stark, a navy blue color around the room would look nice as well.

If the couple desires bold colors but feels all four walls of color are overpowering, they should try an accent wall. This is one or two walls of the room that are a bold color and the remaining walls can be a lighter color or just left white depending on the couple's taste. For example, if the color choice is red, try painting just one wall red and the other three walls a khaki color. The head of the bed should go on the wall with color as it acts almost like a headboard and frames the bed. This works exceptionally well if the bed doesn’t actually have a headboard.

The last thing to remember is to make the master bedroom somewhere the resident wants to be. Put favorite things in there and have fun with it!

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