best way to invest 100k

What is the best way to invest 100k?

When deciding on the best way to invest 100k there are ultimately always two main factors to consider.

  1. Returns
  2. Security

Whether you invest in stocks, bonds, loan notes, property, gold, or any other form of investment, you will always want to find the safest investment with the highest profit.

Traditionally, bonds and loan notes have always provided the highest returns, with some companies paying 8% - 12% per year interest.

Property has traditionally been regarded as the safest investment, but a property investment can take a long time to make any significant profit.

So what option is the best way to invest 100k?

Well normally a good financial advisor would recommend that you diversify your portfolio by splitting up the 100k and investing it into multiple different ventures, each with differing levels of risk and reward. This way, although you may potentially make a loss on any of the investments, it is unlikely that you would make a loss on all of them, therefore lowering your risk overall, but also lowering your potential gain.

The ideal scenario, the investor’s dream if you like, would be to find an investment with the security of property, but the profit of a loan note.

Well this is where The Property Block have revolutionised the Investment market.

The Property Block are offering a fixed rate return of 35% over three years on an asset backed property loan note.

What does the property Block do?

they build affordable housing, save the greenbelt, and make money doing it.

How do they do it?

The property block has exclusive technology that scans "maps" and identifies houses on land that can be developed into multiple apartments, creating affordable housing without developing on green belt land.

A hypothetical example is this.

Their technology will show them a property and tell them that the property value is £500,000, and that with a development spend of £500,000 a developer will be able to convert that property into six apartments worth a total of £1,700,000.

They then offer the property owner around 110% of the property's value, so in the example above, they would offer to pay £550,000 for a property worth £500,000 in order to secure an option to buy the property.

An architect then creates detailed plans for the development based on the technology's output, and they get planning permission for the development, which councils are falling over themselves to give to them as they are creating affordable housing without destroying green land.

They then sell these property development options to housing developers for a healthy profit.

Why are The Property Block seeking investment?

Their technology has currently identified in excess of 54,000 development projects in Surrey alone, and they are in the process of expanding into Kent and West Sussex.

At an average cost of £30,000 to secure each development project, including planning permission and architect's plans, there is an opportunity for investors to partner with The Property Block in the greatest property development revolution to hit the UK since the 60s.

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